Friday, January 20, 2012

Heavy Gear UMFA #10

Heavy Hitters!

Here is the start of my Fire Support Squad. It is currently setup to have three Grizzlies, three Hunters. I themed the Fire Support Squad to have really good mid range firepower, and decent long range firepower. For my offence, this unit should be dealing out the big damage.

First we have the three Grizzlies. Two of them are armed as normal with heavy guided mortar, heavy autocannon and medium rocket pods. The last one is the crossbow variant. It is armed with four anti-tank missiles and a heavy autocannon. I am debating giving the ATM armed gear a medium bazooka. Time will tell.

The second part of the squad is the Hunters. The leader is a Headhunter armed as default with light autocannon and light rocket pod. The other two Hunters drop the autocannon, and replace it with medium bazookas. This config should really dish out the pain when needed!

So the squad should look like this:

Headhunter - LAC, LRP
Hunter - MBKZ, LRP 
Hunter - MBKZ, LRP 
Grizzly - HAC, MRP, MGM
Grizzly - HAC, MRP, MGM 
Grizzly - HAC, ATM

Unfortunately I do not have any pictures of the gears basecoated, as I forgot to take pictures. Suffice to say they were airbrushed middle stone, the same color as the GP Squad.

The camo design I am trying out with these Gears is something I have never done before. The colors used are Middlestone, German Green, and Red brown which are the same colors I used for the GP Squad. With the GP squad, I did a sort of blotch pattern, similar to late 1943 German Panzer tanks. To make things different, I took a brush and flicked and brown and green paint onto the surface. This gave is a sort of late 1944 German Ambush scheme so it matches the other squads.  

Unfortunately the pictures don't do justice on how nice this design actually looks on the Gears!

... Mitch

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