Friday, January 6, 2012

Heavy Gear UMFA #2

Update #2

I've entered the Heavy Gear tournament that will be happening  on February 19 at the next Game Summit. I plan on taking 1000 points of UMFA. I like the idea of the faction, and how the UMFA fight.

The list will be something like this:

Veteran GP Squad
Headhunter - Light Autocannon
Tiger - Medium Autocannon
Tiger - Medium Autocannon
Hunter - Frag Cannon
Hunter - Frag Cannon

Veteran Fire Support Squad
Jaguar - Medium Autocannon
Hunter - Medium Bazooka
Grizzly - Heavy Autocannon
Grizzly - Heavy Autocannon
Grizzly - Heavy Autocannon

Veteran Recon Squad
Jaguar - Heavy Rifle
Bobcat - Light Rifle
Bobcat - Light Rifle
Weasel - Medium Rifle
Weasel - Medium Rifle

Army Commander will be Jaguar in Recon Squad, and I'll have some +1 skills mixed into the mix. The model count I have is:
9 Hunter
5 Jaguar
3 Grizzly
2 Bobcat
2 Kodiak

... Mitch


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